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Committed to becoming a global supplier of household cleaning product solutions.

China Dustpan Broom Sets

Broom is the most common living tool in family and work. The whole broom is made of plastic, and the plastic broom wire is neat and wear-resistant, which will not leave scratches, and it is convenient for cleaning. Broom is an absolutely needed and reliable tool in cleaning tools, because it is suitable for small cleaning and large cleaning, and it does not need a battery or cleaning solution to operate.


Dedicated to become a global supplier of home cleaning product solutions.

Jinhua Chaoyuan Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, which is a modern enterprise integrated R&D, design, manufacturing and sales. The company is located in Jindong Industrial Zone, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 23,000 square meters, with more than 200 employees. We specialize in the production of PVA mop, non-woven fabric, bamboo fiber, window brush, cotton mop, rotary mop, microfiber products and other cleaning supplies.

Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the development and research of home cleaning products. As China Dustpan Broom Sets Manufacturers and Sweeper Broom Sets Factory, Based on strong product research and development ability and excellent technical developers, the company has obtained more than 80 patent certification in domestic and foreign countries, which successfully obtained "ISO9001:2015", "BSCI", "ICS" and other qualification certificates. In addition, the "xianmei" trademark is also registered in many countries.

The company receives “pragmatic, responsibility, innovation, integrity, unity” management idea, keeping up with the Times, forging ahead with determination. Till now, it has established long-term cooperation relations with Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Metro, Auchan, Tesco, LEROY MERLIN and many other large supermarkets and home furnishing stores, and its products were sold well in many countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Romania, Poland, France, Russia and Singapore. The exports accounted for 75% of the total sales volume.

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  • ISO9001-cn
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  • BSCI 2022
  • 2015

    Company Establishment

  • 23000m²

    Factory Area

  • 200+

    Team Members

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    Patent Achievement

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Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the different types and styles of Dustpan Broom Sets? What are their characteristics and advantages and disadvantages?

Dustpan Broom Sets come in many different types and styles, here are a few common ones:

1. Handheld Dustpan Broom Sets: Handheld Dustpan Broom Sets are usually small and portable, and are suitable for cleaning small areas, such as cleaning tables, sofas, floors, etc. The Dustpan Broom Sets are easier to use, but may not clean as well as the larger Dustpan Broom Sets.

2. Standing Dustpan Broom Sets: Standing Dustpan Broom Sets are usually large with long handles and can be used to clean large areas such as floors and carpets. The Dustpan Broom Sets are comfortable to use but can be a hassle to store and carry.

3. Dust-Free Dustpan Broom Sets: Dust-Free Dustpan Broom Sets come with a special design that keeps dust and debris from flying off the broom, maintaining a clean environment. These Dustpan Broom Sets are more hygienic to use but are usually more expensive than regular Dustpan Broom Sets.

4. Angle-adjustable Dustpan Broom Sets: Angle-adjustable Dustpan Broom Sets have an adjustable handle, which can adjust the angle of the broom according to the cleaning needs, suitable for cleaning areas with different angles. The Dustpan Broom Sets are more flexible to use but can be more expensive.

5. Electric Dustpan Broom Sets: Electric Dustpan Broom Sets can be battery- or mains-operated and feature a spinning broom and suction mechanism for faster cleaning of floors and carpets. This kind of Dustpan Broom Set is more convenient and quick to use, but the price and maintenance cost may be higher.

What are the precautions and tips for using Dustpan Broom Sets?

When using the Dustpan Broom Set, there are some dos and don'ts and tips to help you better clean your floors and protect your home hygiene. Here are some dos and tricks for using the Dustpan Broom Set:

1. Choose the right model: Before buying a Dustpan Broom Set, choose the model that's right for you, considering factors such as the type of floor you're cleaning, room size, and storage space.

2. Clean the ground before use: Before using the Dustpan Broom Set, use a mop or cleaning cloth to clean up large pieces of garbage and dust on the ground, so as not to miss or contaminate the broom and dustpan when cleaning.

3. Use the broom correctly: When using the broom, slap the ground vigorously so that dust and debris are lifted from the ground and then collected with the broom. Start with the broom in the corners and hard-to-reach places and work your way to the center of the room.

4. Use the dustpan correctly: When using the dustpan, keep the dustpan close to the ground so that the dust and garbage on the broom will fall into the dustpan. The dustpan should be attached to the ground so as not to miss garbage and dust. Also, point the bottom of the dustpan toward the clean area for better control of litter and dust collection.

5. Pay attention to cleaning the dustpan: after use, clean the dustpan for the next use.

6. Pay attention to cleaning the broom: after use, clean the dust and garbage on the broom for the next use.

7. Replace regularly: When using a Dustpan Broom Set, replace the dustpan and broom periodically, depending on usage and wear of the dustpan and broom.